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I remember.


So this is my fanart dedicated to Kryzanna’s beyond amazing story Beyond the Mistletoe

I really really hope she likes it!!


I found this ‘starbucks’ post somewhere on tumblr.. forgot where and when and suddenly accidentally decided to make Sterek version! So here goes my Sterek artwork/comic aka  PART 1 for Sterek AU: How To Make The First Move by Derek Hale :D 

2nd Version


Found another cute Starbucks post online ohmyGod and I suddenly Sterek-ed!!! The 2nd version of my 1st version 

College/Coffee Shop AU- Nerdy/Hipsterish Stiles + Bad Boy Derek



why do people say chicken as a term for coward? Have you ever meet a chicken? Cause those things will fuck you up man




Teen Wolf AU: In which Derek loses his memory. 

uhmmmmm I love this.  I’ve read approximately eleven hundred stories where Stiles loses his memory and Derek is a big dumbo who stands in the corner and stares at him unblinkingly until he remembers again.  WHICH I LOVE, DON’T GET ME WRONG, but I need this story now, the story where Derek loses everything, loses Stiles, and Stiles kind of bows out, forbids everyone from telling Derek, but there’s little clues—Derek’s not stupid, not entirely.  His bed doesn’t smell solely of him, his pack is awkward about things, leaving the spot next to Stiles open, the passenger seat of the Camaro, splitting into pairs to go hunting and it seems like he and Stiles are expected to be an automatic.  But Stiles doesn’t treat him like Derek would expect.  He’s funny, and quick, and at first it gets on Derek’s nerves, makes him mean with the stress of keeping up with someone like Stiles, but he gets the hang of it, and it feels like finding his rhythm, feels like a grove he’s settling back into.  He thinks maybe,  maybe he’s misinterpreting everyone’s weirdness, maybe he and Stiles were just friends, but there’s a bottom drawer that doesn’t have any of his clothes in it, and there’s two toothbrushes in the cup in the bathroom, and when Derek is searching for a sock one morning, he finds his mother’s engagement ring, reset and remade for a man’s finger, someone with long, thin fingers, someone he was close enough to want to give it to.  


STEREK AU | High School!AU

Derek and Stiles don’t get along. Everybody knows the co-captains of the Lacrosse team can’t be in the same room for more than a minute before getting into a heated argument. They hate each other. Right?

"You need to stop staring at me." Stiles mumbled as he walked beside Derek towards his next class. 

Derek grinned and shrugged, his fingers wrapping around Stiles’. 

"Derek." Stiles glared at him, a nervous tint to his voice as he looked away from him at the mass of students roaming the halls. 

"I don’t care. Let them." He stopped walking, his hand grabbing at Stiles’ arm to turn him around. "I don’t care what they think," he said, stepping closer to Stiles who was clearly starting to panic, "…I love you and I don’t care who knows it."

Stiles’ eyes widened, his mouth parted as he stared at him.

Derek smiled at him, shrugged again and resumed his walk towards their Economics class, Stiles’ hand held in his own.

Stiles ducked his head, a shy smile on his lips as he rubbed his thumb over the palm of Derek’s hand. 

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